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Water is a precious resource, let us guild you to save millions of gallons over the years.


We provided instructions, equipment and guidance to assist you on diverting used shower and/or laundry water to irrigate the lawn.  Why? a green landscape cleans the air by sequestering carbon, it also cools the area helping cut urban heat island and together we can fight climate change

Each house / apartment building or commercial building produces enough greywater to: Grow lush tall green trees that cool your home and cut energy cost, Green landscapes that capture storm water to percolate into the ground, Grow fruit trees forest and vegetables gardens that cut your carbon food foot print.

Sit back and think, what feels better? Sitting on a nice shady green lawn or a dry patch of dirt when its 100 degrees outside? Start today down load our overview guild.

A green landscape sequesters carbon for cleaner air, lowers the temperature in the surrounding area, provides a habitat for butterflies, insects, and hummingbirds, and allows rain to percolate into the ground. We need green landscapes in our cities.
Post it, tweet it, share it. The more people you tell, the more we can fight climate change
- Reuse your shower, laundry, sink or air handing unit condensation water for irrigation

- Create lush green lawns and landscapes that:
         sequester carbon, clean the air, cool the earth​

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Lightly used water from your morning shower or clothes washing is still good. Use it on your landscape.


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