Changing your landscaping's water source definitely has its challenges. To help, this site has 'Do It Yourself' guides and easy to use instructions. We are also here to answer questions and help you out if you get stuck. (Even if you get stuck in a hole in your own yard...)
For those who aren't feeling quite as D.I.Y., great news! We offer a full service installation and maintenance package to get your brown lawn green again in no time. We have too many successful installations completed to count and continue to do more every day! Check us out on YouTube and Pinterest for the examples, techniques and exciting conservation efforts from around the globe.

Together we can spread the word of ZPWeL (pronounced ZepWell) - Zero Potable Water Landscapes.
Lightly used water from your morning shower or clothes washing is still good. Use it on your landscape.

We exist to help others become water sustainable.

Change to alternative water sources and help save the world.


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We are fortunate enough to be able to simply turn on a faucet and clean, drinkable water comes out, but if we don't start conserving this may not always be the case. Google  "South Africa’s drought" for a terrifying glimpse into what our future could become without proper conservation.


Each day, every single person uses about 40 gallons of water to wash our bodies and our clothes. No matter if you live in a home, own an apartment building or run a business, there will always be a way to divert your lightly used water to nourish your landscaping. It is well documented that over 50 percent of all water used within a city is for landscaping. For example, the grass lawns you see around town would take a column of water 4 feet high each year to stay beautiful and green. 
The signs may tell us that 'Brown is the new Green' - but we say 'Grey is the new Green.'  Brown landscapes save water, but green landscapes from greywater enhance our environment with air cleaning plants, cooler temperatures and habitat for wildlife with water that was going to be dumped in the ocean anyway.

A green landscape sequesters carbon for cleaner air, lowers the temperature in the surrounding area, provides a habitat for butterflies, insects, and hummingbirds, and allows rain to percolate into the ground. We need green landscapes in our cities.
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Together, we can become sustainable

Zero Potable Water Landscapes 

save water

by repurposing used shower, sink and laundry water to feed your landscapes.
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